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How Long Will Dizziness Last After Stopping Lexapro?

One reader still experiences bouts of vertigo a month after stopping Lexapro. When might this withdrawal symptom disappear?
Head injury brain antidepressant withdrawal

It is always smart to have an exit strategy. That is just as true when you begin taking a prescription medication as when you take a new job that might or might not be quite suitable. One reader found that stopping Lexapro gave rise to persistent discomfort.

Symptoms After Stopping Lexapro:

Q. I was on Lexapro for almost 15 years. Due to accumulated sexual side effects, I finally decided to get off the drug.

With my psychiatrist’s guidance, we reduced the dosage over five weeks. I have been off this drug for about a month.

During the latter stages of tapering off, I started getting dizzy, and this has not gone away. I have bouts of dizziness throughout the day, and I get a quick burst of vertigo if I move my head or eyes rapidly. Will this dizziness ever go away?

Discontinuation Syndrome:

A. Stopping antidepressants like escitalopram (Lexapro) suddenly can trigger a “discontinuation syndrome.” such Symptoms may include dizziness, vertigo, anxiety, amnesia, headaches, trouble concentrating, brain zaps (electric shock-like sensations in the head), tremor, fatigue, insomnia and digestive upset (Yasui-Furukori et al, Clinical Neuropharmacology, May-June, 2016).

Some people appear to be especially sensitive to withdrawal symptoms. It may take several more months for the dizziness to fade. Your experience suggests that, for you, five weeks was not a slow enough taper. You might be interested in one doctor’s recommendations on how to stop an antidepressant without difficulties.

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You ought to take part in a contest for one of the most useful websites on the net. I’m going to highly recommend this site!

I have been on Lexpro for 20mg for 3 months then dropped to 10mg for 4 weeks.
I have now decided to stop, as I am feeling more positive about life, and it was interfering with my sex life. It has been 4 days now that I haven’t taken this drug, and am still feeling positive but have slight anxiety at times, which I can handle as it’s not that bad. What’s more annoying is that I am feeling light-headed and dizzy for most of the day. I am looking at computer screen for 8 hours a day which can become very difficult due to these side affects. I pray that these feelings go away soon.

I have been on Lexapro 5 mg for about 3 years. My dr wanted me to try to double up on the Lexapro a week before my period. It makes me feel horrible. I tried to back down and take lower doses and take it every other day in July. I had very bad vertigo for 2 weeks and dizziness for a month. When I went to my dr she told me it was BPPV and nothing to do with the Lexapro and try to take more. I don’t want more!!! I want off of this! I don’t want to be dizzy anymore and have vertigo. Tired of these bandaids!

I thought I had tapered off of the Lexapro gradually after being on it for a year but today I have experienced vertigo. It’s not bad but it’s persistent. Reading these posts I was mreassured That my symptoms are not abnormal.

I took Lexapro for about 6 months and experienced the vertigo/dizziness for about a month afterward (probably with more drastic tapering than you used). It was terrible and very frightening at times. I was also much more quick-tempered. It did go away! Good luck.

I’m just tapering off after taking 10 mg for 6 mos. I’m down to 5 mg every other day and starting to feel dizzy with headache. Will this eventually stop? I read your post from last year and would like to know the update to gain some confidence and hope. Thank you.

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