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Beware of biotin in high dosesDrug Side Effects

Beware of Biotin Interfering With Thyroid Tests

Doctors and patients should beware of biotin supplements messing up thyroid test results. To avoid a false diagnosis, a person should stop the biotin first.

Can You Find Non-Irritating Sunscreen?

Can Metformin Result in Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

Have Pharmacists Become Cheerleaders for Drugs?

Controlling Pancreatitis With a Careful Diet

Bleeding Ulcers from Aspirin Can Be Life Threatening

Woman applying sunscreen to young child
Drug Side Effects

JAMA Study Proves Sunscreens ARE Absorbed into Bloodstream

A second FDA-sponsored study reveals that many popular sunscreens are absorbed through the skin and get into the circulation. How worrisome is this finding?

Doctor prepares to give a flu shot
Drug Side Effects

Long Lasting Shoulder Pain After Flu Shot

The CDC states side effects from a flu shot are generally mild and go away within a few days. Some of our readers are left with long lasting shoulder pain.

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Drug Side Effects

Global Amnesia Is A Very Scary Statin Side Effect

Have you ever heard of transient global amnesia (TGA). It is a temporary loss of memory that can last for hours. Are statins associated with attacks of TGA?

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Drug Side Effects

Avoiding Insecticides That Could Harm the Heart

Pyrethroid pesticides may increase cardiovascular risk, although these compounds work to repel ticks. People want help on avoiding insecticides.

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Does Taking Belviq to Lose Weight Increase Your Risk for Cancer?

The FDA has just asked the maker of lorcaserin (Belviq) to lose weight to withdraw it due to an increased risk of a cancer diagnosis.

Celecoxib pills
Drug Side Effects

Celecoxib Skin Rash Can Be Extremely Serious

Celecoxib skin rash may not sound serious, but it can be a devastating or even lethal drug reaction. If you develop a rash, alert your doctor.

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Drug Side Effects

Importing Medicine from Canada Is Illegal but Is It Risky?

Do you know how much your medicine actually costs? Not just the copay, but the full retail price? That's why many people try importing medicine from Canada.

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Drug Side Effects

What Can Woman Do About Lower Sex Drive from Fluoxetine?

SSRI antidepressants like fluoxetine can lower sex drive. A different antidepressant might solve the problem, but adjusting could be a challenge.

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Do Doctors Know About Zyrtec Antihistamine Withdrawal ?

Why doesn't the FDA require a warning about cetirizine - Zyrtec antihistamine withdrawal on the OTC drug label? Ditto for levocetirizine (Xyzal). Help FDA!

vitamin D3 pills
Drug Side Effects

Do Vitamin D3 Pills Cause Digestive Distress?

When sunshine is limited, you may need vitamin D3 pills to bring your level of this hormone up to normal. However, some people report digestive symptoms.

Tractor spraying insecticides in green orchard
Drug Side Effects

Are Insecticides Bad for Your Heart?

Greater exposure to pyrethroid insecticides was linked to higher mortality from heart disease in a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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Drug Side Effects

Generic Antibiotic Doxycycline Did Not Work!

Do you trust generic drugs? Should you? What about a generic antibiotic like DOXY? If an antibiotic doesn't work, lives could be in jeopardy.